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ESP MFP-1 Surge Protector/Noise Filter - 120 volt, 15 amp

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      Made in the USA

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      • Lifetime product warranty - if it ever fails, for ANY reason, we will replace it with a brand new one. Hassle free. No fine print. We pay for the shipping too.
      • 5 year connected equipment warranty
      • Engineered and made in the USA
      • Catastrophic protection - patented 3-Stage industrial AC surge protection
      • Protection from disruption/data loss/errors - Industrial EMI/RFI noise filtering

        The ESP MFP-1 surge protector provides industrial-grade surge protection and noise filtering in a small, single-outlet package. The price point is comparable to what you would pay for "consumer-level" products in a retail store. But the performance is pro level and pure ESP!

        Most low cost consumer surge protectors and "power strips" use single-stage MOV technology which offer very limited protection against surges and no protection against noise. By comparison, the MFP-1 provides professional multi-stage protection - both surge and noise. Just like its big brothers - the Digital QC, Next Gen, and enVison models, the MFP-1 uses a combination of gas tube, silicone avalanche diodes and metal oxide varistors to provide incredibly robust performance.

        Like all ESP products, the MFP-1 is Made in the USA.

        Because of its small size, the MFP-1 can be easily installed where there is limited space. It features Cat5e ETL verified network surge and telephone line protection to ensure trouble-free connections and maximum signal integrity. The MFP-1 protects equipment from high speed transients, lightning strikes, wiring faults, and electronic noise events that can cause damage, data loss, and downtime.



          Physical Characteristics

          Dimensions - Length: 6.25"
          Dimensions - Width: 3.5"
          Dimensions - Height: 1.625"
          Shipping Weight: 2.0 lbs
          Input Connection - AC 3' cord 
          Output Connection - (1) NEMA 5-15R Flush Receptacle
          Temperature Range: 5C to 35C
          Humidity Range: 5% to 95% R.H. Non-Condensing

          Electrical Characteristics

          Maximum Line Voltage: 140 VAC
          Maxium Load Current: 15 Amps Continuous
          Operational Status Green Light = Power On
          Leakage Current: <0.5 mA Leakage Current
          Steady State Efficiency: >99.6% @ Full Load
          Thru-put Resistance: <0.020 Ohms (Each Line)

          Voltage Suppression

          Response Time: < 25 nS
          Sine Wave Tracking: Yes
          Residual Energy Let-thru in Joules (Less is Better)
          -All Modes IEEE C62.41 Category A Ringwave: 0.09 Joules
          -All Modes IEEE C62.41 Category B Ringwave: 0.19 Joules
          -All Modes IEEE C62.41 Category B Impulse: 1.06 Joules
          -All Modes UL 1449 Impulse: 0.13 Joules
          Total Residual Energy Let-thru All Modes: 1.46 Joules
          Suppressed Voltage Rating: 330V L-G, 330V N-G, 400V L-N

          Noise Frequency Attenuation

          Response Time - Series Filter: Instantaneous
          Normal Mode
          >20 dB (10 times Reduction Factor): 25 kHz - 30 MHz
          >30 dB (31.6 times Reduction Factor): 100 kHz - 50 Mhz
          >40 dB (100 times Reduction Factor): 210 kHz-1 Mhz, 3 MHz-21 MHz
          Filter Order: 2nd
          Common Mode

          >10 dB: 1.5MHz - 50MHz
          >20 dB (10 times Reduction Factor): 3 MHz - 30 MHz
          >30 dB (31.6 times Reduction Factor): 5.5 MHz - 30 MHz
          Sine Wave Tracking: Yes

          Telephone Line Suppression

          Connections: RJ-11 In/Out
          Thru-Put Resistance: 14 Ohms
          Response Time: < 25 nS
          Clamp Voltage FCC Part 68 Metallic Waveform: 329 Volts
          Clamp Voltage FCC Part 68 Longitudinal Waveform: 347 Volts
          Maximum Surge Current Withstand for 160 μS: 200 Amps
          Residual Energy Let-Thru in Joules: 16.4 Joules
          DSL Filter: Yes
          Fuses: Automatically Resetting

          Ethernet Network Protection

          ETL Verified Cat 5e Performance: ANSI/TIA-568-B.2 Cat. 5e
          Ethernet Data Transmission: Cat 5e 10/100/1000 Base Tx
          Connections: RJ-45 In/Out
          Protected Lines: All (8)
          Clamp Voltage: 8 V POE compatible
          Peak Pulse Power: 1.5 kW
          Response Time: <1 Pico Second

          Approval Standards

          Exceeds ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Catergory A&B: >1000 hits
          Withstands FCC Part 68 Surge Standard: >1000 hits
          Complies with UL 1283 EMI Filter Standard: Yes, Full EMI Filter
          Safety Certified: ETL Certified to UL 1449 3rd Edition & CSA 22.2 No. 8



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